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Practice Areas

Family Law

There’s no question about it. The practice area known as Family Law can be especially stressful, and you need to pick your attorney with extra care. In addition to possessing expertise in this arena, your lawyer needs to be a tough and experienced advocate. You also want him or her to understand the emotional, economic and spiritual impact that the legal process will have upon you and your family. Read more.

Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation is useful in resolving issues connected with family law or business disputes, real estate or probate problems, human resource or contract difficulties. In fact, almost any civil matter can benefit from systematic, structured negotiations guided by our experienced mediator. The resolution of difficult issues is left in your hands . . . rather than letting a judge or jury decide things for you. Read more.

Collaborative law

An alternative to the traditional adversarial model of litigation a divorce has recently developed and is taking hold in Indiana. The Collaborative Law Practice assists couples seeking a more respectful alternative to the traditional divorce process. Read more.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination offers parents additional assistance with their co-parenting efforts. The parenting coordinator’s role is to help the parents manage and resolve their conflicts, attend to the needs of their children and ensure that their children are safe and well. Read more.


Some cases defy settlement by any means other than litigation. When a satisfactory settlement eludes you, we head to court with the strongest presentation. After nearly 60 years of experience appearing before state and Federal courts, our lawyers know and understand the nuances of procedural and evidentiary trial rules . . . and how to use them most effectively for your benefit. Read more.

Manufactured Housing & Recreational Vehicles

For more than three decades we have represented this industry’s state trade association and a variety of clients in this important segment of Indiana’s economy. The businesses operating in this arena are highly specialized—and they depend upon their lawyers to have an in-depth understanding of the commercial climates in which they operate. Read more.

Business Law

Whether advising a client on the nuts-and-bolts of starting a business or developing a strategy for the merger of companies, our attorneys are “deal-makers.” Using the law to help rather than hinder, we formulate appropriate responses to legal barriers that may otherwise frustrate you and limit your possibilities. Read more.

Real Estate Law

As the process of buying and selling real estate becomes more complicated, even the sale of your family home can become a minefield of “legalese.” Have no doubt; we will interpret all of the mind-numbing legal jargon for you. Whether your property needs are corporate or personal, whether you’re buying or selling, we will take you through the entire transaction efficiently and cost-effectively. Read more.