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Mediation & Arbitration

By settling a controversy—instead of litigating and incurring courtroom expenses—you can negotiate the terms and conditions of an agreement through mediation.

Mediation is useful in resolving issues connected with family law or business disputes, real estate or probate problems, human resource or contract difficulties. In fact, almost any civil matter can benefit from systematic, structured negotiations guided by our experienced mediator. The resolution of difficult issues is left in your hands . . . rather than letting a judge or jury decide things for you.

Prior to heading to court, mediation—guided by a registered mediator —may be something you might want to consider. You and the other party work through the issues of your case to reach an agreement that is acceptable to each side. This process is done in the presence of an impartial third party. That person is a lawyer—and one who is trained in the special skills of mediating.

The entire process is voluntary. A mediator cannot compel—and will not try to compel—either party to do anything. His or her role is confined to working with you to negotiate an agreement that is satisfactory to each participant. In many cases, this type of agreement is easier to enforce than a court order since both parties had a hand in structuring it.

Helpful Information: Mediation & Arbitration

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