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Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination offers parents additional assistance with their co-parenting efforts. The parenting coordinator’s role is to help the parents manage and resolve their conflicts, attend to the needs of their children and ensure that their children are safe and well.  The scope of the parenting coordinator’s role and authority is determined by the Court and usually set out as a certain Level.  There are three levels of parenting coordinators each with successively more authority.

Parenting coordinators attempt to help parents with implementing specific court-ordered parenting time, communicating effectively to resolve and reduce conflicts, establishing a way to make temporary changes, and facilitating a parent-child relationship.  Parents turn to parenting coordination to reduce conflict and avoid constant litigation. Parents may also find a parenting coordinator has more time to attend to the details of parenting and address issues the law is not equipped to address. A parenting coordinator does not assume any other role and is a neutral party.

Generally, parenting coordinators have the authority to help aid parents with the following:

  • Determining daily routines, daycare, transportation and exchange of children
  • Choosing medical care providers
  • Agreeing on schools and extracurricular activities for the children
  • Determining children’s travel and passport arrangements
  • Deciding religious involvement of children
  • Establishing and monitoring communication methods between parents
  • May also issue binding recommendation to resolve parental disputes when the parents reach an impasse on issues that need to be resolved for the children.

Sometimes the Court also provides that the parenting coordinator may select and manage a treatment team consisting of mental health professionals for the children and/or the parents.  This is only done when difficulties of an emotional/behavioral nature are relevant points of conflict or quite probably would interfere with the parenting coordination and the duties of the parenting coordinator. A parenting coordinator may also help parents save money by sharing the cost of the parenting coordinator rather than each parent paying the full cost for his/her attorney to resolve disagreements through litigation

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