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Real Estate Law

As the process of buying and selling real estate becomes more complicated, even the sale of your family home can become a minefield of “legalese.” Each piece of property is different. And no one real estate form could possibly take into account every one of your questions and concerns.

Have no doubt: we can help you find your way through the labyrinth of contract clauses and will interpret all of the mind-numbing legal jargon for you. Whether your property needs are corporate or personal, whether you’re buying or selling, we will take you through the entire transaction efficiently and cost-effectively.

Let us help you make sense of zoning regulations and litigation. Architectural standards and covenants. Owners’ associations and financing. Land-use planning and easements. Environmental impact studies and tenant-landlord conflicts. We will sort through those thorny issues that can accompany—and seriously complicate—your real estate transaction.

Helpful Information: Real Estate Law


International Real Estate Digest. This website provides more than 50,000 links to sites that are related to real estate. In addition to this worldwide directory, it offers informative articles and editorial opinions by leaders in the real estate industry as well as consumer advocates. 1-817-481-4677.


Federal Citizen Information Center. This site provides free or low-cost consumer publications on a variety of subjects that deal with housing. Many provide step-by-step instructions on finding and financing a place to live. Other topics include mortgages, mobile homes, inspections and insurance.


This Federal organization offers legal information and news regarding rental, ownership, fraud,discrimination and tenant-landlord issues. Its home page also provides links to various kinds of housing-related information. In addition, the “At Your Service” section of the home page allows access to services offered by HUD. This website may be loaded in Spanish. Its telephone number is 1-202-708-1112.


Commercial Real Estate Network. This website offers resources for Certified Commercial Investment Members, accredited realtors and customers. There also is a course schedule and library.